An Unmet Need in Our Community!

Lengthy wait lists for evaluation services for families of children with a suspected developmental disability, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, are simply unacceptable and have a negative impact on development. The Evaluation and Treatment Center at OLV Human Services will address these gaps and provide timely assessments and evaluations so that children can get the proper treatment and supports they need to live their best possible lives!
When opened, the Evaluation & Treatment Center will provide a variety of treatment options for children and families, including:
  • Individualized behavioral programming
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Social and life skills training
  • Family education and support services for both siblings and parents

All in a state-of-the-art therapy area within the 790 Ridge Road building on our campus, serving as many as 400 children and families each year.

For more information about the ETC, contact: Mary Swygert, RN, MAOL; Chief Officer, Clinical Services at (716) 828-7573 or [email protected]

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