Children Home and Community Based Services

OLV Human Services Children Home and Community Based Services provides an array of services to Medicaid eligible children and families to prevent onset or progression of behavioral health conditions. Our goal is to identify need early and prevent the need for further restrictive services while allowing the children to remain in their current home.

Our Licensed Clinicians will complete assessments and service plans, and coordinate the services.  We offer the full range of Children Home and Community Based Services, delivered by trained staff that is supervised on a regular basis. The services are provided in the child’s home or community.
Children Home and Community Based Service Highlights

  • Caregiver Family Supports and Services – provides support to caregivers and help finding resources.
  • Community Self Advocacy Training and Supports –provides families, caregivers, and school personnel with information they need to obtain appropriate services
  • Prevocational Services – teach adolescents ages 14 and older the skills necessary to engage in paid work
  • Supported Employment – provides direct assistance to Children Home and Community Based Service participants as they perform in a work setting
  • Planned Respite – provides a short-term break for the family and child, in the home or outside of the home, for a few hours or a full day

Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS) Highlights

  • Community Psychiatric Supports and Treatment Services – helps families and children learn how to prevent crises and manage them when they do occur.
  • Family Peer Support Services -  provides activities and supports to families to create a structured, strength-based relationship between a Family Peer Advocate(FPA) and the family caregiver for the benefit of the child/youth.
  • Other Licensed Practitioner (OLP) - Counseling services, assessment of needs, treatment planning and crisis intervention services.
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation – teaches practical skills necessary to succeed at home, school, and in the community.


**HCBS services are referred by the child’s Health Home Care Manager after an HCBS assessment. CFTSS services do not require Health Home enrollment.

For more information on Children Home and Community Based Services, please call 716-828-7535.




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