Transition and Work Based Learning Services

The WAY program offers several transition services designed to help young people develop the skills necessary for a successful school-to-adult transition. We provide coordinated activities that prepare students ages 14 to 21 that may include work, post-secondary education, independent living or vocational training programs. These programs are tailored and matched to each student’s specific needs, preferences and interests.

Work-Based Learning (WBL)

We also provide quality Work-Based Learning (WBL) opportunities for all students including commencement level, intermediate level and elementary level. We partner with school districts to enhance the student’s educational experience, a critical component of the school-to-work transition. Students gain transferable skills and exposure to a variety of potential career options.

The WAY program has multiple work sites and transition ventures and community partnerships with organizations in child care, horticulture, catering, food service and skilled trades.

Student Employment Training

Our Employment Training Program (ETP) is funded through OPWDD and provides paid traineeship for students to assist with school to work transition. Experienced staff members work with school districts in securing an ETP opportunity for trainees. The program enables students to increase their potential for employment while still in school and to receive pay through ETP funding.

For more information on The WAY Program, please call 716-828-7038.



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