Our Statement of Purpose and Values

Statement of Purpose

OLV Human Services strives to prepare, support, and empower individuals to achieve their life goals.


OLV Human Services considers the following values to be the guiding principles necessary to successfully fulfill our organizational goals.

  • Teamwork - Working together toward a common goal with trust and support
  • Respect - Valuing skills, experiences, and knowledge that differ from your own
  • Integrity - Doing the right thing by being truthful, honest, and consistent
  • Adaptability - Willing to be creative, flexible, and innovative while accomplishing goals
  • Accountability - Following through on commitments and expectations 


Philosophy of Service

OLVHS is committed to providing Trauma Informed Care.  All staff receive training in “Risking Connection”, an organizational model which emphasizes the concepts of empowerment, connection, and collaboration.


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