Preventive Services

Helping families stay together

OLV Human Services Preventive Services Program cares for families who may be experiencing difficulties related to parenting, interpersonal problems, educational issues, alcoholism, drug abuse, family and/or community violence, or sexual abuse. Our goal is to ensure safety and preserve the family unit, avoiding placement of a child outside of the home.

Our experienced caseworkers work toward strengthening and stabilizing family units through a comprehensive and family-focused approach. The entire family is involved in the treatment plan. Trained staff members help families learn to cope with everyday stresses and to build skills such as effective parenting, nutrition, budgeting, homemaking, health and hygiene, and medical care management. In addition, expectant mothers and families with infants who may need a helping hand are assisted by the program.

Program Highlights

  • For families referred by the Erie County Department of Social Services
  • Connects families with needed services including:

-Individual Counseling

-Instruction in Parenting Skills

-Referral to Community Services


-Group Counseling

-Support with Everyday Stresses

-Psychological Consultation


-Family Counseling


-Psychiatric Assessment

  • Staff members help to identify problems and stabilize them — and then step away — allowing the members of the family to use what they have learned and function independently.
  • All referrals must be certified as eligible for Preventive Services by the Erie County Department of Social Services.
  • Once eligible, assistance is provided without regard to income.


For more information on Preventive Services, please call 716-828-9500.


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