The Work Appreciation for Youth (WAY) Program

Leading the WAY in person-centered vocational services

The Work Appreciation for Youth – WAY – Program at OLV Human Services provides a person-centered approach to helping youth and young adults understand the value of education and work while they develop the skills to achieve both academic and personal success. We are a trauma-informed provider of services with experienced staff specializing in helping individuals with trauma histories, behavioral concerns, mental health diagnoses, and developmental disabilities.

WAY is a unique program that enables us to match the needs and interests of the individual to our many interconnected services, collaborating with school districts, employers and other partners for a true connection to the community. Our services offer the flexibility and supports to create individualized plans that can include career exploration, skills assessment, job readiness and job placement, independent living skills training and academic enrichment. WAY can find solutions to even the most challenging situations, helping participants get a job and keep it.

Program Highlights

  • Quality Work-Based Learning (WBL) opportunities for all students including commencement level, intermediate level and elementary level
  • Three different program areas – Transition Services, WAY to LIFE, and Vocational Services – can be provided independently or in conjunction with each other depending on individual needs
  • Support young adults in developing practical job skills and preparing for long-term employment
  • Trained staff members specialize in working with youth with disabilities
  • Caring staff trained in NYSED CDOS credentialing and WBL requirements
  • Comprehensive management of necessary NYSED documentation
  • Collaborate with school districts, area employers and community resources in a student-centered approach
  • Transition vendor for both Children Home and Community Based Services and Wrap Around Services
  • Services involve student, their family and their school throughput the process


For more information on The WAY Program, please call 716-828-7038.



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