Baker Hall

Transforming lives through special education

Baker Hall School transforms the lives of our community’s most challenged and challenging students through the highest levels of individual attention in special education, in a day and residential setting. We serve students from age 11 to 21 in grades 7 through 12 who are educationally diagnosed with emotional disturbance, intellectual disability, multiple disabilities or traumatic brain injury.

Dedicated staff foster a trauma-sensitive environment that encourages growth, safety, responsibility, and respectful learning. We begin with the end in mind, with a goal to return the student to their school district, completion of high school, enrollment in college or preparation for employment.

Program Highlights

•All referrals made through the home school districts Committee on Special Education (CSE)

•Licensed by the New York State Department of Education for educationally diagnosed students

•Staff trained in the use of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) designed to provide them with skills, knowledge and confidence in working with children in crisis

•Also utilize Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS), a team-based approach to help students increase academic performance by reducing problem behaviors

•Small class sizes between 6 and 8 students

•Each student assigned a Masters-level counselor to work with them and their family

•Proven success with students on Regents track in New York state

•Programs encourage activities in home school districts including sports where possible

•Therapy dog program utilized in counseling sessions

•Resource officer on site during school hours

•Extensive transition planning for older students including pre-vocational and vocational classrooms and programs

•Interconnectivity of services at OLV Human Services means students have access to other specialized staff, services, and support




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