Early Intervention Program

OLV Human Services' Early Childhood Programs are approved providers of Early Intervention (IE) services. EI is a state-wide program administered by the New York State Department of Health throughout Erie County at no cost to parents.

As a licensed EI provider, we can assist any child – age birth to three years – with a development delay, disability or condition that affects development. 

EI services include:

•Speech and Language Therapy

•Occupational Therapy

•Physical Therapy

•Social Work/Counseling

•Parent/Child Group Counseling

•Special Education Itinerant

Program Highlights

•Services provided at home or in child care center

•Can cover entire spectrum of early development for continuum of care

•Focus on family needs as well – service coordinator can assist

Related Service Only (RSO) Program

OLV Human Services' RSO program helps families access pre-school therapeutic services for children ages 3 to 5 years including speech, communication skills, OT, PT and other therapies. We perform evaluations and provide the services the child requires in a variety of environments including home, daycare, and preschool settings.

For more information, call our Early Childhood Program at 716-828-9560.



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