Monarch Little Learners




Additional Information about Monarch Little Learners:



Safety is a top priority to us.  Each authorized pick up person is given a unique code to enter the building.  In addition the front door has a special green button to ensure that the children cannot exit the building. 


Parents Information Board

We believe communication is key.  Outside of each classroom you will find a parent board where your child’s teacher will post information regarding classroom highlights, themes and reminders. 


Integrated Preschool Setting

We offer children a wonderfully nurturing environment in which they are encouraged to explore the world around them and unlock their potential. Our classrooms are an integrated setting, which gives children of all different abilities a chance to learn and play together.  Our Integrated rooms are taught by a teaching team that includes a certified Special Education teacher as well as a General education preschool teacher, and at least one aid or assistant. 




Children in our preschool classrooms are scheduled to attend one yoga session each week.  The focus includes deep breathing techniques to help calm the body while incorporating a variety of yoga postures through preschool stories and games.  We work on counting and identifying colors, shapes, and other vocabulary during the stories and games used in yoga sessions.


Our Classrooms

Each classroom provides an inviting and safe environment for children to learn and play in. Classrooms are divided into multiple play/learning centers that help each child master new skills.  We are committed to enhancing the overall development of children through language, literacy, social/emotional growth and motor development. 



Music Therapy

All classes in our preschool program receive weekly Music Therapy from our Licensed Creative Arts Therapist.  Specific music elements are designed to support students with academics, communication, motor/physical, and sensory progress, as well as encourage social-emotional skills such as self-regulation, non-verbal self-expression, and appropriate peer interactions.  Singing, dancing, playing, listening, and composing are some of the ways, our students maximize their learning opportunities in the music environment. 



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